Early Years Teaching Schools – Newsletter February 2018

A big warm welcome to all our readers.

It is great to have you with us as we expand our readership and share teaching news with members and partners. I hope that as you pick from the links you might get what you need – be it encouragement, inspiration, stimulation or time for reflection.

Nursery School teaching school celebrations and innovations

We stand together and unite in our early years principles and practice. This is why we celebrate with you when you pioneer and innovate. This month we particularly congratulate
• Highfield Nursery School teaching school for becoming the first Nursery School Research School.
• Peter Pan and Everton Nursery Schools for becoming mental health and wellbeing hubs.
• Newham Nursery Schools and the East London Partnership who have published their book Celebrating children’s learning: assessment beyond levels in the early years. Many chapters are written by leaders working in Newham nursery schools and it aims to help find a solution from the time consuming ‘burden’ of assessment.

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